AVIOM Aviom India Housing Finance Ltd.

job vacancy at Aviom India Housing Finance Ltd for the positions of Loan Officer and Senior Loan Officer. Here’s a more organized version of the details:

Company: Aviom India Housing Finance Ltd

Job Title:

  • Loan Officer
  • Senior Loan Officer

Product: HL/LAP (Home Loans/Land Acquisition Loans)


  • Nashik City
  • Sangamner
  • Sinner
  • Niphad
  • Chandvad
  • Dindori
  • Deola
  • Satana
  • Surgana

Experience: 1-2 years in MFI (Microfinance), Mortgage, or Housing sector

Salary: As per Industry Standard

Contact Details:

  • BM (Branch Manager): Sandip Mahale
  • Phone: 9309127130

Note: No charges for the job.

For those interested, it’s advisable to contact the Branch Manager, Sandip Mahale, at the provided phone number for further details or to apply.

Please note that this is a condensed and reformatted version of the information you provided. Feel free to adapt it according to your needs, and ensure that all relevant details are included in any official job posting.

Aviom इंडिया हाऊसिंग फायनान्समध्ये कर्ज अधिकारी आणि वरिष्ठ कर्ज अधिकारी यांच्यासाठी रिक्त जागा

पद – कर्ज अधिकारी, वरिष्ठ कर्ज अधिकारी

उत्पादन: HL/LAP

ठिकाण: नाशिक शहर/संगमनेर/सिन्नर/निफाड/चांदवड/दिंडोरी/देवळा/सटाणा/सुरगाणा

अनुभव:- 1 किंवा 2 वर्षे (MFI, तारण, गृहनिर्माण)

पगार:- उद्योग मानकांनुसार

संपर्काची माहिती

BM – Sandip Mahale – 9309127130

टीप:- नोकरीसाठी कोणतेही शुल्क नाही

• बँकिंग आणि फायनान्स क्षेत्रातील जॉब उपडेट मिळवा टेलिग्राम वर आजच जॉईन करा

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