Next veut former les futurs leaders aux enjeux environnementaux pour transformer l’entreprise


Former FrenchFounders collaborators Nicolas Dessus and Victor Bocquillon announce the launch next, a training program that prepares young professionals to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through collaboration with chief sustainability officers, entrepreneurs and politicians, Next wants to transform the vision and skills of future leaders to think about new business models.

“We wanted to contribute to the development of future leaders and build the business models of tomorrow alongside them. As we delved into these themes, we realized how important it was to find meaning while making a positive impact for the next generation of leaders.” says Nicolas Dessus, co-founder of Next. “Tomorrow’s society will be a sustainable society in accordance with planetary limits. Therefore, we logically wanted to train tomorrow’s leaders so that they can work on transformations and build tomorrow’s business models. »

Rethinking 21st Century Business

Next offers exclusive access to online masterclasses led by thought leaders on key topics such as decarbonisation, diversity, inclusion and the circular economy. Designed as Ted Talks, these alternative strategic visions challenge all industries, with advice and concrete ways to implement them.

In addition, the eight-week Sustainability program offers an experience including interactive whiteboard meetings scheduled three times a month, allowing you to challenge top managers from more than 60 companies (LVMH, Valeo, META, Nespresso, Google, etc.). Members of this program will also benefit from networking and certification signed by promotion sponsor Gilles Vermot Desorches of Schneider Electric.

“There are mainly specialized masters on the market, which are very educational, expensive and time-consuming. We offer a hybrid format between online and physical exchange, we also offer concrete and actionable content for leaders who work on these transitions daily and don’t have time to come and teach lessons in a school.”recalls the co-founder. “Finally, we are much more affordable in terms of prices, more flexible, less restrictive, but above all complementary to already existing initiatives. »

From its launch in February 2024, dedicated leaders will host board meetings and discussions with the Next community. Investors, politicians, C-Level, members of corporate committees, leaders and impact managers from companies such as Engie, OpenClassroom, Yves Rocher, Printemps, Puma, Le Bon Coin, Renault or Kiabi will speak on topics such as “Reinventing the Mobility of Tomorrow” (Jean-Baptiste Djebarri, former Minister of Transport) or even “Circle or Fashion Industry” (Dounia Wone, Chief Impact Officer at Vestiaire Collective).

“We are at the dawn of a major transformation in the way businesses think about their role and impact on the planet,” concludes Nicolas Dessus. “With Next, we offer the tools and platform so that this transition is not only planned, but actively implemented by the leaders of tomorrow. »


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