Vibiscus veut rendre toutes les ventilations silencieuses


Through their work at the Femto-ST Institute in Besançon, three researchers, Gaël Matten, Manuel Collet and Morvan Ouisse, have designed a programmable material that dampens noise. Their invention, backed by their startup Vibiscus, consists of assembled modules measuring 5cm on a side that create an absorption barrier.

“Vibiscus develops revolutionary noise absorption technology. Its secret lies in an algorithm capable of making the speakers vibrate to be immersive, like noise absorbers. explains Gaël Matten, president and co-founder of Vibiscus. “This technology, used in the duct, makes the impossible possible: it allows the air flow to circulate and at the same time absorb noise with a very high compactness. Silent ventilation is possible. The sound level can be reduced by up to 40 decibels. »

An innovation that also reduces energy consumption

Noise is pollution that reduces the average length of healthy life. Its social costs are estimated at 150 billion euros per year in France. To reduce noise pollution, the startup is working on adjusting the acoustic impedance of the air, a different approach to traditional noise suppression systems while maintaining effective air circulation.

This process uses membranes and sensors to change the properties of the air (velocity and pressure) where the sound travels, allowing for efficient absorption of even complex sounds. This technology is mainly intended for low frequencies. In addition, their system consumes ten times less than traditional active control because it does not use anti-noise or white noise. The modules, which look like blocks, can be assembled like Lego and placed in strategic places.

“Unlike active control technologies where counter-noise is emitted, the developed technology does not emit energy and consumes very little electricity,” explains Gaël Matten. “The system has the same properties as a passive absorption material, while being truly absorptive at low frequencies and compact. We can summarize it with the equation: necessary compactness + absorption of low frequencies + air flow = Vibiscus. »

This technology is integrated into noise reduction modules placed in openings or ventilations. If its customers are industries subject to strong congestion and noise restrictions (transportation, infrastructure) or low-frequency noise reduction (industrial production plants), this technology can also be used in open office spaces that create “bubbles of silence” programmable.

The startup already has a B2B clientele, now it wishes to change the scale in 2024. Thanks to this internationally patented technology, it received a special recognition from the Décibels d’or jury at the beginning of the year and became the winner of the BPIFrance Innovation Competition “I-lab” in 2022. “The team is close to ten people today and we’re still hiring! Noise is pollution, but it is not inevitable: report the nuisance and take action! »spear Gael Matten.


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