pourquoi ont-ils fait le choix du financement participatif sur Crowdcube ?


What if you too switched from user to shareholder? Investing in business as an individual has long been reserved for the most informed, often through banking intermediaries. But over the past fifteen years, crowdfunding, or participatory financing, has made its way into the offer of financing solutions. This method has become especially popular with French Howl or US Kickstarter. This was followed by the creation of European and French platforms such as Lita.co, Tudigo, Wise or Crowdcube. It was on the latter that Vestiaire Collective, an international marketplace with luxury second-hand fashion, decided to launch its first campaign.

The company was founded in Paris in 2009, Mass dressing room is now present in 80 countries. For Bernard Ost, CFO of Vestiaire Collective, this campaign comes at an opportune time for the company. “After offering shares to all of our 700 employees last year, we want to go even further and offer this option to our European customers. » The goal of the operation: to raise at least 1 million euros from its community of users. In 2023, the company recorded 10 million new parts on its platform and generated more than 2 million orders. It therefore relies on a strong community from which it hopes to build more and more loyalty through this campaign.

The three pillars of Vestiaire Collective’s shareholding

“Through this participatory fundraising, our engaged customers can play an even more active role in shaping a more sustainable fashion future.”, welcomes Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Vestiaire Collective. Future shareholders will then be alongside the historic investors of the French unicorn, which is aiming for profitability by the end of 2024.

“Vestiaire Collective’s shareholder base is very much in line with what we do and reflects the quality of our mission. Our strategy is based on three pillars represented in the composition of our shareholders”, recalls Bernard Osta. In the luxury category we find Kering and Condé Nast, while the Generation Investment Management fund tends to represent the side of sustainable development, including Eurazeo, Vitruvian and even Bpifrance for the Tech aspect. The international market is also backed by Softbank and Korelya Capital for Asia, Tiger Global Management and investor John Doerr for the United States.

Matera strengthened its community with a Crowdcube campaign

Through this campaign, a marketing and financial tool, Vestiaire Collective intends to reach out to its community primarily by drawing inspiration from the success of Qonto (€5 million) or Matera. In July 2023, the online co-ownership management specialist raised more than €2 million from its community through this formula. “I’ve always wanted to open up shareholding to our customers like we did to our employees”recalls Raphaël Di Meglio, co-founder of Matera.

Together with a fundraising of €7 million from its historical investors, its crowdfunding campaign carried out on Crowdcube allowed it to “get enough money to develop the business”in a more tense context in this area. “It was also the right time in terms of business maturity,” explains the manager, who is aiming for profitability by 2025. Above all, according to him, the arrival of new investors created emulation in his team and strengthened his community. “We brought the investor community together through a WhatsApp loop. It’s a strong bond with them because I share very thorough and transparent monthly reports beyond our legal obligations.”suggests Raphaël Di Meglio.

You’ll have to wait until February 6th to take part in the Vestiaire Collective adventure. After registering on the platform, you can invest from 11 euros directly in companies selected by the team of this online intermediary. It generally works with VC-backed companies, as in this case with Vestiaire Collective or business angels. Everything is managed by Crowdcube, which secures and manages the entire share of shares and ensures that everyone’s rights and responsibilities are respected. Until then, it is already possible to express your interest in this campaign in order to take advantage of priority access.


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