Comment la Fondation Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires accompagne les entrepreneurs leurs projets


“The Foundation has just celebrated its 25th anniversary: ​​it was created on the initiative of Jean-Pierre le Roch and members of the Groupement Les Mousquetaires, independent business leaders,” explains Nathalie Moock, General Delegate of the Foundation. Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires Foundation. Among its scopeIn addition to commitments to the Pasteur Institute and the National Sea Rescue Society, the support of entrepreneurs is of course at the forefront.

Over time, the foundation established a partnership withUnion of Self-Employed and Independent Workers (SAE)with which he organizes the Prix de l’Audace and publishes a annual observatory, as well as with numerous schools and incubators such as Neoma, EDHEC Entrepreneurs, IMT Atlantique, Centrale-Audencia-ENSA Incubator or Avrul in Limoges. Newest partner: ESCP.

“Coup de Pouce” competition.

Around ten “Coup de Pouce” competitions are held in France each year to reward promising business plans. Prizes are prizes of 10,000, 6,000 or 4,000 euros for the winner. “These are grants that are then used by entrepreneurs in a very specific way to finance participation in a fair, develop their prototype or use leverage for a French technology grant,” explains Maëva Tordo, director of the ESCP Blue Factory Incubator.

In November 2023, the business school held its first “Coup de Pouce” competition in collaboration with the foundation as part of its “Entrepreneurship Festival”. “From the beginning, we appreciated the very close nature of the Le Roch Foundation – Les Mousquetaires with a business vision that goes far beyond startups,” he points out.

Club of entrepreneurs

The foundation also runs an “Entrepreneurs Club” that supports a small class of entrepreneurs for six months. “To this end, we work with experts who are entrepreneurs themselves and can rely on the skills of the members of Groupement Les Mousquetaires,” says Nathalie Moock.

Members of the Group are also regularly asked to participate in the juries of various competitions. “We are fortunate to benefit from this very strong territorial network thanks to the Mousquetaires network, which has a point of sale every 17 km on average. Their leaders are independent, in direct contact with their territories. As such, they have an interesting society-wide perspective, and we involve them in our initiatives to the maximum extent possible,” adds the general delegate of the foundation.

An alumni network is being created

The foundation now intends to deepen its links with the entrepreneurs it recognizes and supports as an alumni network is created. “Our competitions and support programs have reached over 450 entrepreneurs and we recognize the need for this community to see each other and connect. We are going to create a network and organize regular meetings,” he announces.

The first meeting is already planned for June 2024 with a networking event between the project managers and the marketing and purchasing teams of the different Groupement Les Mousquetaires brands.


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